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How to Get Useful Small Business Ideas now.

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I think everyone has ideas. We all have hobbies. There is no idea that can make you become a successful entrepreneur. But you can make some ideas successful. 

In One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneur its amazing how some of us turn hobbies into business and make it successful while others just wish they have good ideas that can make their "dreams come through".Ideas are nothing more than ideas.

If ideas are nothing more than ideas, what determines the success of an idea?In his book-A Technique for Producing Ideas- James Webb Young said "An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements".

He went further to state that,"the capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships".Note here again that the ability to work an idea into success is a major factor. The major determinant of the success of your idea is you. Yes,it all starts with you. You've got to strategically and consistently put your ideas to action.

Andy Boynton, the co-author of The Idea Hunter said it best when he said: "Your ideas are worth little unless they're in motion,shifting in response to fresh data and conversation,evolving through stages reflection and prototyping".

How to Get Useful Small Business Ideas Now

There are various ways to get useful small business ideas.But I'll list three major ways. You can find useful business ideas when you:

(1)  Read newspapers and magazines: Newspapers,around the world today,are filled with more news about problems than solutions.And business is simply all about finding unique way to render service to others in a profitable manner.

Eli Broad agrees with this when he said:"There is no substitute for knowledge.To this day,I read three newspapers a day.It is impossible to read a paper without being expose to ideas".

(2) Read Books: You can get great and usable business ideas from reading books.You don't even need to buy all the books.You just need to develop the habit of reading,starting with the books in your local library.There is an old proverbs that,"there is nothing new under the son"

Whatever it is you are good at or you are trying to do,I believe someone has done a similar thing and written a book on it.Just search,ideas will come.In every aspect of human life,be it family,business or relationships,there are books on them.Like Gary D. Schmidt wrote:"Books can ignite fire in your mind,because they carry ideas for kindling,and art for matches".

(3) Pay attention to opportunities in everyday life:The world around you is full of ideas if you can just pay close attention to what is happening around you.Bern Williams once said:"Ideas are like wandering sons.They show up when you least expect them".

The idea for Disneyland Magic Kingdom was born on a family vacation by Walt Disney in Tivoli Garden,one of europe's oldest amusement parks.

So,you now have the three major ways you can get useful business ideas-newspapers and magazines,books and everyday life.However,
Business ideas,I believe, are like seeds. It does not matter how strong and healthy the seeds are,if you do not plant your seeds correctly and nurture them - providing proper care and maintenance -,they will not blossom.

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